We are confident that we provide you an excellent coffee, 
sugar and chocolate bean because we do it our-self



Was born in 2011 with the idea of ​​offering the world special products from different regions of Colombia. Based on our family experience of more than 40 years as producers and traders of green coffee, Panela (SWEETENER  from Raw Pulverized Cane Sugar) and Cocoa bean.

Through the thorough investigation of the qualities of these products, and inspired by the experience of our founders and our peasant tradition.

We take into account the geographical conditions, micro-climates and soils, to propose to show the world that in the different methods of cultivation and benefit, each region provides us with special attributes and unique in terms of flavor, notes and aromas. So we give the terea to consolidate and segment these values, performing a further transformation throughout the value chain.

So that there is a relationship of harmony and sustainability between the hand of the farmer and the final consumer. Mediated by a friendly company that cares to the last detail to show the world products with high quality standards, they realize the wonderful land that produces them.


As a first step our direct and fair treatment with producers is what allows us to be competitive and bring the best Colombian products and raw materials to different markets. Our main differentiating element as a company is quality, and this is achieved through careful processes in the value chain, where we are more than an ally working shoulder to shoulder with farmers to produce the best cocoa and fine coffee and aroma, in addition Of our panela elaborated with the best canes in order to supply the needs of our national and international clients. Assisting our allies throughout the productive chain with the implementation of innovative strategies in the cultivation and benefit of raw materials, Having as backbone our more than 40 years of experience as producers and marketers of proudly peasant origin. Encouraging small producers with fair prices, corresponding to the rigorous work of producing products with the standards that we propose, which helps to the technification of the productive chain, establishing a more prosperous and competitive peasant culture that promotes the work In the countryside and decent living conditions, which is reflected in differentiated products made with love and quality.