We are confident that we provide you an excellent coffee, 
sugar and chocolate bean because we do it our-self


D'Origenn's coffee comes from unique geographical regions each known for providing the best conditions for coffee growth. The unique soil quality, combined with area rainfall, make these "unique and privileged" places in Colombia that are located in distinct regions, including the Andes Mountains.


COPRO AGRO is a cooperative of Colombian farmers who offer high quality and nutritional pulverized raw sugar cane (Panela). The process is a simple one. Sugar cane juice is extracted and the water is evaporated to dehydrate the liquid into a powder with no added chemicals. Because Panela is not a refined product, it retains a great amount of its original vitamin and mineral nutritional components. Although Panela contains the same glycemic index (GI) that is naturally found in fruits, it has a low glycemic load (GL).


We bring you a high quality and variety of coffee from several areas from the Andean region such as Santander, Norte De Santander, Cundinamarca y Huila. We also bring you coffee from the Atlantic Region specially from Sierra Nevada and Serrania De Perija. From the Orinoquia Region we bring you coffee from Casanare and Meta.


Our certified  Coffee taster selects the finest beans t and work closely with our partners farmers to maintain their quality season after season. Beans get roasted to perfection following our unique formulas and specifications. We offer whole and ground roasted beans in variety of packages and sizes​

Cocoa Beans

We offer you our own award wining raw cocoa bean for those of you committee to manufacture the finest chocolate from bean to bar. Ask us for a free sample  because we are confident that as a producer of high quality chocolate you are a cocoa bean connoisseur.